Roasted Corn Equipments

Roasted Corn Equipments

Roasted Corn Equipments
Corn Roaster
** Different packages available ** Why buying equipment from us benefits you and saves you $$ MONEY $$ - No very expensive cross border shipping - No Customs Broker payment and paperwork ($1,500+) - No Duty payment ($3,000 to $7,000) - No RMV registration and separate tax payment - No having to pay 30% - 35% more in currency conversation from CAD to USD - No losing out on MONTHS and MANY thousands of dollars in sales after you already have your equipment while you wait for CSA to give you your certification to operate - No $3,000 CSA payment and equally as much, or more, in the modifications they require before they will certify the unit for use. * YES this is turnkey and ready to start making money immediately * YES this equipment comes with tons of experience and advice * YES there are Franchise opportunities ** We offer Financing! **

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